Claim Filing Procedures

All claims must be made out in writing to BYEXPRESS and be submitted within 30 days of delivery.

Required Documents

The following documents must be attached to every claim:

  • Original bill of lading if not surrendered to the carrier
  • Original paid freight-expense bill
  • Original invoice or photocopy
  • Supplier’s invoice showing shipment value
  • Final proof of delivery
  • Other details obtained as proof of loss or damage


Damage and shortages discovered upon delivery must be noted on the carrier's proof of delivery (POD) form. The following notations on a POD form are not acceptable and will not allow for a claim to be made:

  • “Subject to inspection”
  • “Possible shortages”
  • “Possible damages”


Damage Noticed AfterDelivery

Damage which isn’t visible at the time of delivery must be reported to the carrier without delay. When concealed damages are found, stop unpacking, note the damage, notify the carrier, and request an inspection. If the shipment is unpacked after any damage has been found, a claim cannot be submitted. Please keep all packaging for inspection.


Our liability coverage is $2.00/lb when no value is declared on the bill of lading upon shipping. If a value is declared upon shipping, our liability will cover the declared value, but only with supporting invoices and bills to confirm the value. Shipments must be inspected using the carrier’s bill, not the packing slip.


BYEXPRESS is not liable for shipments shipped at the owner’s risk of damages, or shipments that are unpacked, opened, or uncrated/unskidded. File this type of claim with the supplier.

All damaged goods must be held by the customer until the claim is settled. All damaged goods will then be turned over to the carrier for salvage.

Claim Form Here

Byexpress Logistics (USA)
Attn: Claims Department
2411 Holly Lane

For further assistance concerning the claims filing procedures please contact our customer service department at [email protected]

Or you may
Call us at (613) 739-3000 or
Fax us at (613) 523-1684